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Mr. Landlord Sponsorship Testimonial

Dear Mr. Taylor:

I want to let you know how pleased I was to be able to attend the Mr. Landlord Conference. The content of the seminars was great, the organization of the event was fantastic and from what I could tell, the audience was comprised of experienced investors that greatly benefited from the information they received. I personally benefited through making valuable contacts and enjoyed learning from the speakers. From my perspective, I am glad that we supported the event… Thank you for an enjoyable event and I look forward to more of them.

Jim Jrolf, Regional Sales Advisor National Real Estate Insurance Group

Type of Sponsors We’ve Had in the Past Include:

  • Tenant Screening
  • Direct Rent Deposit
  • Property Insurance
  • Management Software
  • Door locks
  • Financing / Lenders
  • Provider of Rental Forms
  • Virtual Property Assistance
  • Resident Retention/Gifts

Frequently Asked Questions of Potential Sponsors:

Q.) How many break-out sessions/opportunities does our company have to interact with your customers?
A.) There will be at least 5 breaks each day, along with Early-Bird coffee sessions each morning courtesy of our Sponsors.
Q.) Will our company be able to address attendees from the front of the room?
A.) Yes. Each sponsor will be given at least 5 minutes to talk from the front of the room.
Q.) Who is it that attends your convention?
A.) 95% of those who attend the actually own rental property. On average, between 5-20 rentals with many attendees having an even larger portfolio.
Q.) Will our company be able to pass out literature to the attendees?
A.) Yes. Each sponsor will be given a table where they can display and handout company promotional materials.

For more information and pricing on how to become a sponsor for the Annual Mr. Landlord Getaway Conference, please call 757-436-2606 or send us an email to

NOTE: reserves the right to approve or deny any advertising/sponsorship request. We also aim to prevent having multiple sponsors that may have competing interests.